• If you've already paid for 'professional development',

    then why are you being challenged with the same problems?





  • Clinic Subscription:

    A productive, effective, confidential option.

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    Are you currently struggling with attracting and retaining your current medical workforce? Feeling disillusioned by the silos that you originally thought would become your multidisciplinary 'dreamteam'? Or perhaps your staff experienced a major workplace incident never quite resolved itself?


    Our GP clinic subscription is a personalised coaching and psychological service where GP clinic owners can offer their workforce a free, coaching and professional development service with specialist psychologists.


    Staff enjoy free personalised professional development and clinic owners can enjoy a tax deductible benefit to improve staff resilience, reduced turn over and create a more collaborative approach to staff satisfaction and retention.



    Let us show up as the psychologists who offer you constructive troubleshooting in a confidential space.



    A solution for rural, regional and metro-based practices.


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    A clinic subscription is the strategic choice for medical practitioners and GP clinic owners across Australia.


    The friction of navigating a rotating or subcontracting workforce in a strained healthcare system places increased pressures on clinic owners.


    With specialist psychologists available, a subscription can become your super power to release pressure and create a clinic environment that practitioners feel supported to build a stronger, synergised workforce.

  • The biggest lie among medical professionals is that hiring people with excellent clinical skills will automatically result in one big, happy family.

  • And that's precisely where the problem is.

    You probably believed that if you just ‘hired the right people’, that everything would eventually fall into place.

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    As clinic owners and managers, you may recognise an unspoken tension between clinic owners and medical practitioners.


    No one could have anticipated the strains of a post COVID era could hamper the shine of your clinical practice.


    The groans of a wider healthcare system do not have to be echoed in your clinic.


    Because even in the most difficult times, there are ways to collaborate meaningfully...

    with even the most stressed workforce.

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    As practicing psychologists, we strive to solve your 'people problems'.


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    That's right.


    We know that hiring doctors with amazing clinical acumen will bring the right people to your clinic. But it’s up to you to nurture, support and develop those people throughout their time with you.

    With our support you can keep up with a constantly evolving medical industry, and the changing needs of your staff. 


    By hosting the support your staff need to manage issues of stress, burnout, or vicarious trauma, you can strategically position yourself as a cultivator of a resilient and thriving team, driven by positive patient outcomes, and a workplace culture that prioritizes well-being and success.


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  • Why sign up to 'subscription service' for managing a temporary workforce?

    Clinic directors often ask, “Why are we investing in temporary subcontractors who are paid generously and for registrars and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who leave after a 6 month rotation, anyway?”


    The answer is simple.


    When you invest beyond the immediate term, you will keep the best of the best coming back for more, and also make the best of the temporary staff while they work for you.

    Put it this way….

    If a fantastic doctor had the option between choosing a workplace perk of a fancy coffee machine and a yummy, free lunch or between a consultant psychologist to personally and professionally support their career, which workplace perk do you think would keep (even the most temporary) practitioner coming back for more?

    It's an easy to blame systemic issues on a 'broken healthcare system', but it is the clinics who take responsibility to foster positive change that keep patients, subcontractors and staff coming back for more! Because nothing celebrates a business more than when your staff are motivated to improve themselves because you foster a productive workforce, profitable outcomes AND a tax deductible expense!

    "But how do I achieve this?" you ask...

    Well, the best way to set the wheels in motion for you is through our GP Clinic Subscription Service.

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  • What support do subscriptions offer?

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    One-on-one support

    1:1 confidential psychological support for your healthcare professionals.



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    Consulting sessions

    Support for you and your management team on practice issues and development.



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    Team workshops

    User centred professional development for doctors and healthcare professionals.


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    Executive coaching

    Develop your medical career while ensuring your personal needs are met.


  • All of our psychologists are highly qualified with at least 5-15 years of clinical experience.


  • How It Works

    We start with a complimentary consultation to see which option is best suited to your needs.

    If you’re not sure what will work best, we’re happy to trial a specific option for you.

    All sessions are strictly confidential (with all the caveats related to safety, of course!)

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    Choose your hours and times you want

    Simply let us know the ‘hours’ and times you want to set aside for you each month.


    These are made available for you and your staff to
    'book in'professional psychological support sessions.


    Select your preferred type of support

    We discuss the type of support you will likely need, whether it is individual based, group based…. or something else.


    Determine your meeing preference

    You then determine the best way to work together, either remotely or in person at your office space.


    Decide the duration of your subscription.

    Choose between 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription period.


    And that’s it!

  • Pricing


    Cost is always a consideration when it comes to signing up for a subscription service, which is why we've made sure that our pricing is simple, competitive and flexible. Our subscription options are designed to suit a variety of needs and organisations.


    With psychologists that consult at a specialist levels, we offer a range of features and benefits to suit your organisation. Plus, with our flexible payment options, tax deductible write offs, one-off sessions options, diverse subsciption lengths and the opportunity to adjust your desired hours per month, you can trial an option that's perfect for you and your clinic.


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  • Menu of professional development topics

    • Safe Space: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace
    • Speak Like a Pro: Mastering Communication Skills in High Stakes Situations
    • Bouncing Back: Building Resilience and Adaptability in the Workplace
    • Cultural Compass: Navigating Cultural Competence in Today's Diverse Workplace
    • Thriving in Chaos: Managing Uncertainty in Dynamic Work Environments
    • From Empathy to Empowerment: Compassion Fatigue Training for Professionals
    • Finding Your Inner Boss: Discovering Your Unique Leadership Style
    • Bouncing Back: Building Resilience After the Pandemic
    • First Responders: The Basics of Administering Psychological First Aid
    • From Stethoscopes to Support: Promoting Psychological Safety in GP Doctors
    • Prescribing Peace: Mastering Stress and Burnout for Medical Professionals

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  • Staff benefits of a subscription service


    Management of stress and burnout

    Confidential support to better navigate conflict

    Specialised support for increased work performance

    Safe space to navigate vicarious and secondary trauma

    Career growth and development support

    The employer has done the work of finding appropriate professional support


    No wait times

    Clinic benefits of a subscription service


    Stronger retention and recruitment strategy

    Management of productivity slumps

    A tax deductible expense

    Support with business strategies and implementing stronger practice processes

    Buffer between management and staff to problemsolve collaboratively and independently

    Support for accreditation and credentialling

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  • FAQs

    Your questions about a clinic subscription service, answered.