• The average Australian willexperience five to seven career changes in their lifetime.


    Like every other industry, you have to focus on more than just ‘doing your job’. Especially if you’ve found yourself in a new role, you may be tempted to think that clinical skills will transfer to leadership skills. Unfortunately, that is not always the case!


    The reality is that as a leader, you will need to rediscover who you you want to be? What’s your leadership style? What do
    you want to be ‘known’ for? How do you communicate with others? How will you balance the new challenges of managing people who were once your friends? How will you manage the person who really wanted your job?


    Whatever obstacles you face, weare here to support your transition in a way that leaves you excited about your transitions from team player to team leader.

    That’s how we help.


    We ask the questions and offer the lightbulb moments so you can switch the light on your new career path with certainty and






  • Coaching for Doctors


    As a nation, we are also experiencing a serious shortfall in the GP workforce.


    And that shortfall is predicted to grow to around 25%to 31% by 2030.


    Soooo……what does that mean for you?


    It means making sure you take advantage of all the career opportunities before you.


    How will you position yourself to manage the increasing pressures from an understaffed medical profession?


    How can you make pressure work for you, instead of against you?

    We can certainly show up with a game plan for you!







  • How we help


    At Shura Psychology, we provide consultingand executive coaching for doctors and healthcare professionals. We’re more than your professional cheerleaders. We’re your fierce supporters towards developing and curating a more fulfilling medical career.


    Whether you’ve jumped into a new leadership role professionally or are just wondering how to manage future career changes – we can help you find your 'edge' across professional and personal milestones of major transitions, career progression, talent management and building resilience.


  • Who we help

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    You did not make it this far, only to make it this far. Find your balance when the road gets tough by learning what to hold on to and what to let go.

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    Health Care Professionals


    Make wellbeing a focus of your own career, not just your patients’.


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    Clinic and Department

    Managers and Owners

    Help your staff meet their personal and professional goals and support the success of your clinic


  • Let's get started!

    Elevate your professional journey as a doctor or healthcare professional with executive coaching—an empowering amplifier that encourages new perspectives, transformative actions, and informed decision-making.


    Unlock the potential for unparalleled personal and professional growth, ensuring a fulfilling and impactful long-term experience.