'A powerful and engaging speaker who leaves audiences feeling wowed and inspired’

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  • Introducing Toltu


    Toltu Tufa, founder of Shura Psychology and a respected keynote speaker in Australia has a unique perspective to share when it comes to keynote speaking. With more than a decade working in education, healthcare and psychology industries, she has the experience and expertise to bring attention to the topics that matter most to professionals like yourself.

    Toltu talks to subjects that medical professionals lose hair and sleep over, including career mishaps, burnout, workplace diversity, family breakdown, psychological safety, resilience and teamwork.

    As a fluently multilingual Australian, female psychologist and Muslim psychologist, Toltu also embraces these elements to share her distinctive lens on the professional challenges that many of us face. During her keynotes she can speak to additional topics related to race, diversity and inclusion as well as working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities.





  • Why choose Toltu?

    As a sought after Australian and international keynote speaker, Toltu delivers powerful speeches with humour, energy and radiance. During her presentation, she focuses her audiences towards the most pressing challenges of their industry and time. And she’ll do so in a way that is engaging, enthusiastic and entertaining.

    Audiences love her because she is focused on providing mesmerising stories, practical strategies and food for thought.


    Directors and managers love her because of her energy and her ability to apply personal experience, clinical expertise and human connection for an excellent, memorable presentation.





  • Toltu speaks to arange of medical (and non-medical) related topics including:



    • Burnout
    • Psychological safety
    • Wellness
    • Stress management
    • Race/diversity and inclusion
    • Leadership and teamwork
    • Working with forensic clients
    • Resilience
    • Cultural competency


    • Language learning
    • Sex and sexuality in schools
    • Student motivation and engagement
    • Working with culturally and linguistically diversecommunities


    • Native language retention
    • Faith and intersectionality
    • Workplace diversity
    • Working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations





    When you need a powerful keynote presentation that challenges your audiences..

    Someone to shine a light to what matters most at work and in life..

    A person to leverage your audience...


    Toltu is your perfect person.

    We could tell you that audiences love her warmth, humour, energy and storytelling finesse. Or that her no-nonsense strategies and solutions keep audiences mesmerised, and furiously taking notes. That she has presented to groups ranging from high school students to CEOs to presidents of countries or that her audiences range from as small as a group of 10 to crowds of (seven!) millions.

    You can rely on Toltu to leave your audiences completely inspired while you sit back and enjoy the show!