• Structured debriefing

    Structured debriefing conducted by a psychologist is a therapeutic process that provides a structured and supportive space for health professionals to process and cope with traumatic experiences


    Structured debriefing conducted by a psychologist can present powerful outcomes for health professionals experiencing trauma

    Emotional Healing

    Through structured debriefing, health professionals can find a safe and supportive space to process and express their emotions related to the traumatic experience. This process facilitates emotional healing and helps reduce the psychological impact of the trauma.

    Increased Resilience

    Health professionals are empowered to develop resilience by exploring the meaning and impact of the trauma on their personal and professional lives. It equips them with valuable coping strategies and tools to navigate future challenges, enhancing their ability to bounce back and thrive.

    Improved Performance

    Engaging in structured debriefing enables health professionals to enhance their clinical practice and performance in a safe space. By reflecting on the trauma and its effects, healthcare professionals are likely to gain valuable insights that can inform their decision-making, communication skills, and overall patient care.


    When conducted by psychologists, structured debriefing can offer a transformative power of healing, resilience, and improved performance for health professionals impacted by personal and professional trauma.