• Consulting and Professional Services

    For your million questions, we have four solutions!

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    Executive / Leadership Program

    By application only:

    8 x 1.5 hour, one-on-one sessions to attain self selected goals.

    $1497 sign up fee, additional $450 for weekly/fortnightly 90 minute sessions.


    Sign up fee is inclusive of all psychometric testing, resources and in-between session consults.


    As a consultant, Toltu offers personalized coaching programs and mentorship to business owners, clinical (medical) executives, and educational leaders seeking growth through career transitions, conflict resolution, and effective leadership during times of change. You choose the goals you seek, and Toltu will determine a personalised program to attain your needs. To explore whether this program is right for you, book a complimentary 20 minute introduction call to determine your needs.


    *Please speak to your tax advisor about this service as a 100% tax deductible expense.  


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    Strategic Educational Seminars

    $2400 (+GST) per hour/workshop.


    For educational leaders, Toltu provides strategic guidance for school executives on matters related to cultural and sexual health, language learning; she develops effective parent education on topics related to parenting, sexual and mental health.


    When you need to workshop an in house strategy for managing challenges unique to YOUR workplace, allow me to craft an engaging and compelling session in the comfort of your space. Instead of finding a new location, let me come to you and facilitate

    • Respond to sexualised student/child behaviors
    • Manage stress and burnout
    • Work with culturally diverse families
    • Enhance communication skills for overcoming conflict
    • Equip staff to engage with sexual education in cultural/faith based communities.


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    Crisis Consultations

    'One-off' solution focussed problem solving consultation with a psychologist:

    $497 per 60 minute web based consultation

    (discounts available for psychologists' seeking supervision)


    Best for psychologists and skilled professionals seeking expert supervision and support with crisis management. Session topic/goals to be confirmed before session.


    When you are dealing with a crisis unfolding in real time, you will need more than a quick google search to solve your *specific* situation. You need exclusive and expert guidance, pronto. I'm here to consult through your educational, cultural or professional obligations.


    Prepare to emerge with a blueprint that encourages your confidence to choose an inclusively safe and insightful response.


    Please note this service does not replace ongoing therapy.


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    Crisis Debriefing

    $1200 (+GST) for a 60 minute session with up to 8 people.

    $1800 (+GST) for a 90 minute session with up to 15 people.

    (available in person and remotely, travel costs negotiable)


    Facilitated support is available to provide guidance and strategies for specialist teams, staff members and management to process and respond effectively when staff experience distressing situations following a critical incident in the workplace.


    Debriefing topics may range from workplace conflicts, to violence, death, suicide and critical incidents.