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    Psychology and coaching services for healthcare professionals

    Welcome to the place where you can access the consultative support you need and deserve.


    At Shura Psychology we’re here to provide the constructive and confidential support to unlock the potential of your career

  • How we help

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    At Shura Psychology, we’re here to do the ‘busy’ work of solving your people related problems in the workplace, so that you can do the important work of solving patient problems.


    That's right.


    As Melbourne based psychologists, we are fiercely committed to providing professional and personal solutions for tired, and overworked healthcare professionals looking for career satisfaction and progression.


    Our unwavering commitment to your success means you can enjoy peace of mind as you leverage the best professional performance from your team.

  • Our Clients

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    Elevate any stage of your medical career with our specialized support. No more shopping around for the 'right fit' mentor and support. Gain personalised guidance for developing your skills and personal growth on your professional journey as a healthcare professional.

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    Clinic Owners / Hospitals

    We offer you a comprehensive game plan to navigate and strengthen your team dynamics, overcome challenges, and retain valuable staff. Our approach focuses on consolidating the strengths of your departments while facilitating the growth and development of your individual staff.


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    Practice Managers

    Leverage your strengths to lead a dynamic and evolving subcontracting specialist workforce. When you face constant staff changes or experience culture-related challenges, we support you with strategies to maximise the potential of your team in ways that bring out the best in you!


    As a professional:

    you try to manage everything to be both

    ...a doctor and a family person

    ...a care provider and a cost cutter

    ...an advocate and an objective evaluator

    ... an expert and a team player

    the list is endless!









    But the juggling act needs to stop because you are not all of those things at once...


    And you don't have to be.

  • Feeling burntout?

    Overwhelmed by Stress?

    Communication Fails?

    Career Conundrums?

    Poor Retention?


    At Shura Psychology, we use an evidence-based, integrated and accessible service to give you peace of mind.

  • The goodies we bring to your health professionals


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    Looking for practice solutions for your medical and clinical staff?


    Our GP Clinic Subscription is a personalised psychological and professional coaching service for healthcare professionals and GP mental health support.


    With no wait times, you can have psychologists available, stat.


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    Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your professional or personal life? Is 'group trauma' affecting your team culture? Do you need a psychologist to (really quickly) debrief with your staff following a traumatic incident?

    We can get there with the speed of Usain Bolt (almost!).


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    Have you landed a new leadership role?

    Are you struggling to
    transition your staff through change and transition?

    Perhaps you want to explore strategies to nagivate conflict?


    Let us improve your toolkit for competence and confidence!


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    Unleash the transformative impact of captivating keynote presentations that inspire and resonate.

    Toltu is a seasoned public speaker with a captivating presence.



    For inspiring key notes that matter, choose Toltu Tufa for your upcoming event.


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    what's the difference?

    Unlock your own pdf guide to the key distinctions between counselling, therapy, and coaching for next time you seek professional support.

  • Meet Toltu...

    Hey there! My name is Toltu Tufa and I'm founder of Shura Psychology.

    I remember my first experience of supporting a medical practitioner like it was yesterday. I wanted to know how I could help, and what I discovered changed everything for my practice.


    Today, I approach my clients as highly professional experts seeking to renew their perspectives though evidence-based practice and elevating their professional careers.


    The basis for my ethos and mission at Shura Psychology is choosing to create lightbulb moments for health professionals.


    My mission is to support healthcare professionals like you.


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