• Welcome to seeking wellbeing without the weight of anxiety.

    Culturally sensitive psychology services for trauma informed, tailored, and trusted care

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    At Shura Psychology, your cultural perspective is always valued:

    We rethink your wellbeing beyond adversity's shadow.

    Your life is not about following the standard approach because well, your life is not 'standard'.


    You value affirming your personal diversity in ways that honours every part of your individuality. It shows in the way you embrace the nuances in your life that make you unique. So it follows naturally that you are loooking for professionals who genuinely understand the different dimensions of your life.


    You want a psychologist that you don't need to educate about your culture, faith or lifestyle. Someone who holds space for you, who allows you to breathe a sigh of relief and encouages you to rethink ways to approach your life's challenges.


    Well, you can finally rest your search and welcome to Shura Psychology. We’re so glad you’re here.

  • Our Clients

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    Therapy for Individual Service Users


    Stressed, depressed, overwhelmed?


    We offer comprehensive clinical services to support your wellbeing. Whether you need therapy, a game plan, support or education, you've come to the right place.


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    Executive and Leadership Consulting

    Elevate your career with specialist support.


    No more shopping around for the 'right fit' mentor. Develop your skills to improve your career prospects and reignite personal satisfaction.


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    Educational (Professional) Development

    It's time to bring in the professionals.


    Leverage your workplace strengths by selecting educational and professional development opportunities that maximise your potential. Select Shura Psychology as a referer of choice.






  • Meet Toltu Tufa

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    Psychologist | Sexual Educator | Keynote Speaker