• About Toltu

    BA(Psychology), PostGradDip(Psychology), M.ProfPsychology, M.Ed (Leadership, Policy, Change).

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    If you're seeking therapy, coaching or consulting, you've certainly come to the right place, welcome!


    I remember the first time I went to see a psychologist, it took me 8 months to book my first appointment.


    I was nervous. I felt like I should be able to solve my own problems. I wasn't sure my problems warranted seeing a therapist, anyway. What would I tell them? What would they think of me?


    But my first step changed everything.


    Knowing someone was there to hold space for me without judgement felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I learned to engage with 'lightbulb moments' that taught me to solve my own problems . Needless to say, my life drastically changed for the better.


    And that's why I became a psychologist - to create the same safe space for others to disover their full potential.


    So if you're feeling unsure right now, whether personally or professionally, just know it's okay to feel that way.


    I am here to help, without judgement and with all the support you need.




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  • Discover Toltu

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    School communities:

    Educational Leadership: 

    For new and seasoned leaders, you want your teams to prosper with authentic and transformational leadership. A lack of personalised and targeted leadership development prevents you from achieving this goal. You think you need to implement more policies, learn the latest information or become more of a 'team player' to get results but what you actually need are personalised strategies to see your blindspots and harness the strengths you already have within you.


    Expect me to ask the right questions to address your challenges and comfortably translate complex topics into practical solutions for topics.


    Sexual Education: 

    For schools, I offer tailored educational frameworks to help you confidently address school based problems in the field of sexual education and leadership with resources that are culturally, religiously, clinically and age responsive for everyone: parents, teachers and learners


    I don't just deliver information—I ensure it resonates with your unique circumstances.


    Native language retention:


    As a fluent multilingual, I have authored numerous children's books, and developed and implented literacy programs in Oromo and Arabic language. Collaborating closely with communities, my initatives have led to global TED talk stages, chartered schools, and consulting with government in education around the world.


    I bridge the gap between cultural heritage and modern education through innovative language programs.


    Violence, emotion regulation and wellbeing:  

    With extensive experience in forensic psychology, Toltu has written and co-facilitated workshops for individual convicted of various offences, including sexual and family violence. She develops age appropriate programs that engage and facilitate dynamic workshops for young people that challenge resistance and foster self reflection and behavior change.


    My programs create a safe space for growth, helping individuals navigate complex emotional landscapes.

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    Consultant / Professional Coaching

    For business owners, clinical (medical) executives, and educational leaders seeking growth through career transitions, conflict resolution, and effective leadership during times of change—you've come to the right place.


    Your personal adaptation to leadership is a skill you can develop or pivot with my support. If you want tailored guidance, I offer professional supervision for psychologists and wellbeing specialists, focusing on conflict management, business positioning, working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, serving Muslim populations, and addressing sexual health concerns.


    For educational leaders, I provide strategic guidance for school executives on matters related to cultural and sexual health, language learning, and developing effective parent education on topics related to parenting, sexual, and mental health.


    My esteemed reputation has attracted attention from federal governments, universities, and prominent organizations worldwide, all seeking my expertise in education, language learning, leadership, and psychology.


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    Psychological Therapy

    As a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. I specialise in a broad spectrum of diagnoses and presentations in adults. My expertise spans mental health disorders, sexual health, crisis management, emotional regulation, and complex trauma presentations across various settings, including private practice, forensic, community, and clinical environments.


    With a rich background in forensic settings, you can benefit from assessment and treatment in areas such as sexual, domestic, and criminal violence. My support extends to professionals seeking clinical debriefing and bespoke workshops tailored to emphasize culturally relevant mental well-being.


    As a therapist, I use a person-centered approach that is trauma-informed. I aim to create a space that you feel seen and heard, while holding space for you to approach change and growth with compassion.


    In our sessions, I integrate evidence-based frameworks such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and mindfulness-based strategies.


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    Keynote Speaker

    Toltu is not only an acclaimed TED speaker and seasoned presenter but also the co-host of the podcast "The Coded Switch," delving into the nuanced experiences of intersectionality and vulnerability in relation to wellness. Her show secured a spot among the top 30 global podcasts exploring these themes in 2023.


    Renowned for her efforts in revitalizing native language retention, particularly in Africa's fourth most widely spoken native language, Afaan Oromo, Toltu has earned global recognition as an expert in language revitalization and inclusivity. As a TEDx Speaker, Toltu captivates audiences with her compelling and inspiring stories.


    As a globally sought-after plenary speaker, Toltu has delivered over 400 engaging presentations in Australia and around the world.


  • Shura Psychology


    The word 'Shura' means to consult before making choices.


    We pride ourselves in creating safe spaces for you to consider what options will help you to create your ideal life.


    It's why we show up with the right tools to empower your wellbeing and performance, both professionally and personally.


    ....we’re here for you and everything you imagined your life to be.