• Educational Programs

    The following tailored solutions reflect Shura Psychology's most sought after educational and professional development programs:

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    Sexual Education

    Parent Sexual Education Masterclasses (separate sessions for Toddlers, Children, Teens)

    from $1897 (+GST) for a 2 hour seminar on your topic of choice.


    This 'done for you' experience delivers an unforgettable experience in group settings on sensitive topics related to parenting, sexual education, supporting student learning and stress management. Parents will be invited to feel more confident, action oriented and supported to navigate even the trickiest of topics with ease.


    Sexual Education Seminars (Staff Professional Development; In person)

    $450 per staff member/particpant


    Something tells you there is a better way your school, community or childcare could approach sexual education, right? In this exclusive masterclass, you will discover the strategies and insights to cohesively embody the practice inclusive sexual education. This 6 hour advanced professional development workshop is tailored for professionals in the wellbeing, faith based, and educational sectors. Plus, you will take home HEAPS of formulas, blueprints, examples and approaches. Only one training is available per year. Don't walk, RUN.


    School Program Facilitation (Primary School/Secondary Schools)

    $997 (+GST) per session:

    Psychologist facilitated classroom sessions with students


    This is for schools who *cringe* at the idea of running sessions without training and and prefer a trusted third party to create a "done for you" experience. From the start to the end of each session, your primary or secondary school students will be captivated by engaging and interactive lessons in the following areas:

    • Sexual health and wellbeing
    • Healthy relationships
    • Managing emotion dysregulation
    • Communication life skills
    • wellbeing and resilience

    School Program (Resource packages and lesson plans)

    available on enquiry


    This is relevant to schools who seek to incorporate sexual education and wellbeing as facilitated by the classroom teacher. Resources include teacher scripts, lesson plans that map on to Victorian curriculum outcomes, classroom resources, powerpoint presentations and age appropriate classroom activities in the following topic areas:

    • Sexual health and wellbeing
    • Healthy relationships
    • Managing emotion dysregulation
    • Communication life skills
    • Wellbeing and resilience


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    "Smart Starts" exam skill training

    Exam Performance Training for High School Students

    (with Additional Modules Available for Faith-Based Strategies)


    Meticulously crafted to prepare boost the wellness and academic performance, this program is designed with best practice principles for year 10 -12 students, to equip them for their final exams. Through a blend of wellness strategies and targeted exam preparation, students will sharpen their academic skills and practice the tools needed to excel in their final exams.


    The program can be self delivered by the school or facilitated by Shura Psychology to small classes or large group settings. Comprehensive resources include session plans, engaging activities, resource kits, and evaluation tools covering the following essential learning areas:

    • Effective Study Habits
    • Mastering Note-Taking and Critical Thinking Skills
    • Stress Management Techniques
    • Strategies for Test-Taking Success
    • Memory Enhancement Techniques
    • Building Resilience and Self-Care Practices


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    Violence Prevention / Intervention

    With extensive experience in forensic intervention, Toltu has written and co-facilitated workshops for individuals convicted of various offences, including sexual and family violence. Her engagement and faciliation of dynamic workshops challenge resistance and foster self-reflection and behavior change.


    Toltu is available to implement violence prevention/intervention in group settings to males who seek healthy relationship coping skills and behavior change in the following areas:

    • emotion regulation
    • building healthy relationships
    • challenging stereotypes
    • rechanelling problem thinking
    • healthy leadership


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    Native Language Learning

    As a fluent multilingual, Toltu has authored numerous children's books; she has developed and implemented literacy programs in Oromo and Arabic languages. Collaborating closely with communities, her initiatives have led to global tours and provided guidance on native language retention to thousands around the world.


    Toltu is available for langauge learning consultation and information is available through her platform for Oromo language learning initiatives below.


    The link below will take to to toltu's external platform www.afaan.com.au